I write and edit text for websites, presentation material, social media, interviews, articles, and essays in Danish and English. 

I try to convey stories, ideas, and processes as vividly and precise as possible and I bring an underlying knowledge about art history, photography, perception and the different techniques and materials of the arts.

Through the years, I have had the good fortune to interview and work with artists of all genres, and I have developed skills to transform a verbal conversation into text and communication strategy.


“Activity Landscape Kastup”
Web text for MASU Planning

“Bær tiden om halsen
Interview med smykkekunstner Katrine Borup

“Til hænderne lugter af jord”
Interview with artist Marianne Jørgensen

“Mexicanske dæmoner i det vestjyske”
Article about artist Dr. Lakra

“The Pleasurable Thrill” (go to page 26)
Essay about Kistina Bengtsson & Katharina Kiebacher

“Stepping into the Field”
Interview with photographer Roqia Alavi

“The Real Image”
Interview with photographer Golbedin Elham

“Blå billeder”
Interview and process description of cyantopy with artists Yvette Brackman and Patricia Kaersenhout


I can help you go from a head of fuzzy thoughts to ready-to-go text and a communication strategy in steps.

Together, we can explore your company dna and translate it into texts that suit all the different platforms, you operate on.

I also offer writing workshops for companies or organisations. I understand the artistic processes and challenges, and through simple exercises, I teach you and your co-workers how to design a writing process, you can trust.


Mariko Wada, ceramist
Sanne Ransby, textile artist
Marie-Louise Kristensen, jewellery designer
Vibeke Rohland, textile designer
Margrethe Odgaard, designer
Jakob Mielcke Hansen, Chef
Ebbe Stub Wittrup, artist
Miska Knapek, artist
Vibeke Tandberg, artist
Jonas Edvard Nielsen, designer
Marianne Jørgensen, artist
Norm Architects, architects and designers
Roqia Alavi, artist/photographer
Lotte Fløe Christensen, artist
Pernille Snedker Hansen, designer
Rasmus Bækkel Fex, designer
Yvette Brackman, artist
Kristine Sundahl, architect
Kalle Jørgensen, architect
Jacob Dahl Jürgensen, artist
Anne Bjørn, artist
Sofia Möller, tekstile artist
Tove Storch, artist
James McLardy, artist
Tom Fruin, artist
Christian Skovbjerg, curator
Søren Lose, artist
Henrik Kastenskov, visual storyteller
SMITH (Dorothée Smith), visual artist
Elina Brotherus, visual artist
Linda Hansen, visual artist
Flemming Tvede Hansen, ceramist
Wednesday Architecture, designers and architects 
Katrine Borup, jewellery designer
Nanna Lysholt Hansen, artist
Kristoffer Ørum, artist
Valérie Collart, artist
Sandra Vaka Olsen, artist
Geoffrey Batchen, prof. of history of photography


I am happy to drum together a team of web developers, graphic designers, video producers, social media strategists for larger projects.

I select my collaborators based on the quality of their work but also on their ability to deliver on time and with professional communication.